About Me



I have been servicing and repairing Leica rangefinder cameras and LEICA lenses for over a decade. I have earned a reputation for quality work and affordable pricing. Mainly serving professionals and dedicated Leica aficionados, I specialize in making the fine adjustments that assure the smooth and long-lasting operation of Leica mechanisms.


I work on classic Leica bodies from IA to MP (with the exception of the Leica M5 and CL). I also work on Leica copies, such as Canon II/III/IV, Nicca, Tower and similar cameras.


I service Leica M, LTM lenses, and Canon, Nikkor and Zeiss LTM/rangefinder lenses.


Please contact me to determine if I work on the brand and type of camera or lens you need serviced or repaired.


I strive to communicate with each customer on the job’s progress.