Leica M6 Finder Full Upgrade



Classic Leica M6 0.85 body with fully upgraded finder to Leica MP standard. This upgrade include install the Leica MP anti-flare kit, which is a condenser lens in the mask, and change the front windows to Leica MP coated windows. The conventional upgrade, which is only upgrade a finder with Leica MP anti-flare kit into the mask, is not very effective. The Leica MP finder not only put a condenser lens into the mask, but also with windows coated. The new coated windows made the finder bright clear with sharp image. We now offer the full upgrade, which is install Leica MP anti-flare kit plus Leica MP coated windows to all classic M6 and M6 TTL cameras (any magnification finder). This will enable many Leica users stay with M6 and M6 TTL with finder the same as the MP but at a lot cheaper price than to buy a Leica MP.


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